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Private Music Lessons


  • Voice, Piano
  • Guitar, Ukulele
  • Violin, Viola, Bass
  • Flute, Sax, Clarinet
  • Trumpet, Trombone
  • Percussion & More!

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Our Group Music Classes

Group Music Classes

  • Bella Beginning Strings
  • Generation Guitar
  • Group Guitar & Ukulele
  • Rock ‘n Roll Academy
  • Beginning Guitar
  • And More!

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Music For Young Children

A Class For Every Age

  • Multi-sensory Learning
  • Classes Forming Now
  • Sunrise Group(18m-3)
  • Sunshine Group (3-5)
  • Sunbeam I,II,III (5–8)
  • Moonbeam I (8-12)

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Your Miamisburg Music Store

Items We Carry:

  • Lesson Books, Sheet Music
  • Instrument Rentals
  • Music Accessories & Novelties
  • And Much More!

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Why Bella Musica?


Our son had been taking piano lessons for a few years prior to starting at Bella Musica. When we found Bella Musica, and Sarah B. for his piano lessons, we knew that our son’s abilities and knowledge were going to increase tremendously. Bella Musica has exceeded our expectations. Our son challenges himself, he has a thirst for learning and playing more, and he is enjoying every part of the journey. Simply put, Bella Musica is amazing!
Kristy U., Oakwood, OH
We’ve been with our instructor, Dave, for electric guitar lessons for my son for almost a year now. Elijah had no experience with guitar before we started. Dave taught him the basics of guitar and then showed him how to turn all the basics into creating a song. I think Dave is a great teacher; he even helped Elijah with time management when his school work was slipping.
Elijah, Huber Heights, OH
We are very pleased with the services we have received at Bella Musica. The teachers are great, and the staff very friendly and make you feel welcome. I would recommend this place to anybody looking for lessons.
Kierra F., Miamisburg, OH
Mrs. Robertson is a “top-notch” flute player who takes pride in personal excellence. She has no problem teaching both basic and advanced concepts. Sarah (Robertson) is also skilled at finding new, interesting ways to explain difficult concepts to students until she finds a way that clicks. In the three years our daughter has taken lessons with her, we have been amazed at her progress. Mrs. Robertson is a talented teacher, and we would recommend that everyone wanting to learn the art of flute playing (beginner and advanced student alike) learn from Mrs. Robertson.
Brenda K., Centerville, OH
Under Mrs. Bucher’s teaching, we have been confident that our daughter is getting the best music education available. Sarah (Bucher) is a talented musician in her own right, and so we know that she “knows her stuff”! She has quality expectations of her students, yet she is very patient and willing to make sure her students, (both new and advanced), grasp new or difficult concepts. Mrs. Bucher has that rare gift of teaching concepts in a way that makes sense. We highly recommend her to the beginner who wants to learn a new skill or to someone who just wants to fine-tune their musicianship!
Angela H., Monroe, OH
Moving to a new area often presents obstacles, like finding the “perfect fit” for a music teacher. The teachers at Bella Musica take the time to get to know each, individual student. With their extensive knowledge, they are able to challenge each student in a way that lets their true potential shine. If you are looking for the “perfect fit,” look no further.
Richard, Oakwood, OH
We really like the atmosphere at Bella Musica. The high-quality teaching is also fun and relaxed. Great for adults and kids!
Sandy H., Centerville, OH
I am in my third year of lessons at Bella Musica, and I really love it! My teacher, Sarah B., has helped me to develop my voice from scratch and to learn music theory in the process. I look forward to my lesson each week. If you’re interested in lessons, I can’t recommend Bella Musica enough.
J.K., Dayton, OH
Since my daughter has been taking lessons from Mrs. Bucher, I have noticed that her confidence has increased tremendously. She is learning that her voice is an instrument, and I am looking forward to her recital.
Samantha P., Franklin, OH
Even though I’d never taken voice lessons before, Sarah (Bucher) made me feel very comfortable. I was looking for a teacher who would push me, and found it in her. I learned so much! I appreciated her honesty and humor during our sessions. I couldn’t have asked for a better vocal coach!
Amanda K., Franklin, OH
Sarah Bucher is a great, patient teacher that knows and loves music and communicates it in every lesson. As a beginning voice student, her lessons have met me on my level and have given me a new sense of confidence in my voice. I smile every lesson when I learn something new about singing, music, or music theory. I can’t recommend Sarah enough!
John, Dayton, OH
Sarah Bucher is an amazing vocal coach and an awesome singer! I was insecure and nervous about our first lesson, but Sarah understood how I felt. She created a relaxed and productive learning environment right away. I’ve learned a lot about matching pitch, breathing, and choosing appropriate literature.
Frank G., Centerville, OH
Mrs. Robertson is a wonderful flute teacher for our 3rd-grade daughter. She makes the learning fun while teaching her the correct way to play. She is a flute “expert,” and we are so thankful to have her. She has a lot of experience teaching elementary and high school students, and has excellent credentials in addition to her talent as a musician. A+!
S.H., Centerville, OH
My son moved from 8th chair up to 3rd chair in band in one semester of percussion lessons. Thank you Bella Musica!
Michelle L., Dayton, OH
Jon is a saint to put up with a beginner adult. He actually makes it fun even if I don’t know what I’m doing all the time!
Kathy S. K., Dayton, OH
Music lessons at Bella Musica are great – very professional and accommodating. I have learned so very much! I would recommend anyone interested in music to get involved here.
Betsy, Dayton, OH
I like my teacher (JY) because she is nice and makes learning fun!
Kalynn S., Dayton, OH
We are very impressed with the high-quality instruction and friendly atmosphere at Bella Musica. Our three young daughters have been taking the Music for Young Children program with Ms. Freda for only 2 semesters. Already, they can sight-read simple pieces and rhythms and play Christmas carols. The are also learning about chords and scales. Most importantly, they are enjoying it and building a love of music. Thanks, Bella Musica!
Tina S., Miamisburg, OH
I like taking lessons with Ms. Freda because she is kind and understanding. She knows how to help me understand hard things. She is very talented and a great teacher!
Hannah C., Centerville, OH
Mr. Jon is nice and helpful. He has helped me improve my note reading skills and helps me prepare for my tuba tests in band. He is also fun and funny!
Kaila H., Beavercreek, OH
Mr. Josh is really good at catching my mistakes and explaining where I went wrong. I’m learning so much from him and quickly, too!
Alena D., Dayton, OH
I like Ms. Denise because she is funny and serious at the same time. She helps me understand how to read notes and is very nice.
Gurnoor D., Centerville, OH
We love Music for Young Children! My son has been taking this class for a year and has learned so much! Ms. Freda is great working with kids and drawing them in without them even realizing that they are learning. She is so patient, energetic, and always keeps things interesting. I love seeing the progress that my son has made. I never imagined that he’d be playing the piano at age 3! Music for Young Children and Bella Musica is a dream come true for our family!
Allison M., Moraine, OH
Ms. Denise is very patient and has helped immensely with motivation and consistency. Bravo!
Abigail P., Dayton, OH
We love Bella Musica and Ms. Freda! My daughter loves her classes and has learned so much in a short time.
Shelia D., Dayton, OH
Sarah R. has great teaching methods and is very patient. She is a fun person and I have learned a lot in the year I have been taking lessons with her.
Aria C., Centerville, OH
I love Bella Beginning Violins class – it’s awesome!
Nancy I., Miamisburg, OH
At the end of last school year, I was told that my daughter would always be behind in most subjects at school. Her IQ was below average and she was intellectually behind. Being her mother, I was devastated. I decided to enroll her in violin lessons to try and help her find something outside of school she could do well in. We started lessons in July and when she returned to school 2 months later her teachers saw a huge difference in her comprehensive skills in every subject! She is currently at her grade level in most subjects. This was something no one expected. We give Bella Musica and Ms. Denise full credit for this accomplishment.
Grateful Mom, Dayton, OH
I signed up for voice lessons because I was very self-conscience about my changing voice. Sarah B. was extremely chill about it and never made me feel bad about the hilarious sounds I’m sure I was making. It’s been so much fun and I’ve continued lessons just because of what a nice break it is from the regular humdrum of normal “adulting.” 10/10 would recommend!
Luke W., Dayton, OH
I just would love to say thanks to Garry for teaching my son. It was the best idea to send him to Bella Musica. He loves his teacher and his lessons, and the best part is he stopped playing minecraft and started playing his guitar every time he has free time. Thank you!
Lesya G., Dayton, OH
I Love Garry B! He made sense out of a lifetime of guitar music for me. Very friendly staff, excellent location, A+ experience!
Abbie R., Miamisburg
Ms. Denise is an awesome violin teacher! She knows how to explain things and is very nice & helpful. She is way better than my last teacher who was old as dirt and boring!
Gracie L., Miamisburg, OH
Ms. Jia Yu has been a wonderful teacher. She instructs me musically and gives me wise counsel throughout my musical journey.
Benjamin C., Dayton, OH
Dr. Dan Duncan has really helped our daughter develop her saxophone playing.  He encourages, inspires, and shows a genuine care for her musically!  I’m very happy to have Dan helping my daughter learn the are of beautiful music.  Dan is a Great Teacher!

Julia A., Dayton, OH

Love taking lessons from Freda (McKinney) – kind, considerate, dependable, very talented! Good sister in Christ!

Betsy Okresik, Dayton, OH

Sarah (Bucher) teaches me great. She listens to my stories but also gets done on time. 

Nico Crawford (8 yrs old), Miamisburg, OH

Thank you for all the work (Garry Ball). I really appreciate all of it! 🙂

Connor Huey (child), Miamisburg, OH

Mrs. Denise teaches step by step and gets everything right for you. She thoroughly teaches well. She is funny. I recommend having Mrs. Denise as a teacher.

Gurnoor Dab (child), Centerville, OH

I’ve only been taking lessons for about 8 months, but I’ll continue to be a student for a long time. Josh (VanTilburgh) is always quick to give honest feedback about my progress & has good tips for me!

Ashley Bereda , Kettering, OH

Mrs. Denise is nice and friendly. I like her because she is fun. 

Sam Greer (8 yrs old), Middletown, OH

I feel like I am learning a lot and Garry Ball is so patient with me. I really enjoy coming to class every week!

Melanie Dell'Aria (10 yrs old), Miamisburg, OH

(Ms. Freda is) awesome

Noah (child), Dayton, OH

Dan Duncan has helped me out and has been kind while doing it.

Heaven Abla , Dayton, OH

We are so blessed to have her! My daughter (Maria) can’t wait from one to lesson to another! 🙂

Poleena Greely, Miamisburg, OH

Upcoming Events

2:30 pm Songwriter Workshop @ Bella Musica
Songwriter Workshop @ Bella Musica
Jun 3 @ 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm
For any aspiring songwriter looking for a little direction and inspiration, this class will present the process of writing songs from beginning to end. Topics will include how to start – finding inspiration, what to write about, defeating writer’s block, improving lyrics, song layout, and more!
9:00 am Youth String Camp @ Bella Musica
Youth String Camp @ Bella Musica
Jun 5 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Designed for students ages 8 – 12.  Students should be able to play notes on all 4 strings and read whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes and their corresponding rests.  Daily nut-free snack and water bottle should be brought from home.  There will be a performance at the end of this fun week of music[...]
7:00 pm Instant Violin for Hopelessly Bu... @ Bella Musica
Instant Violin for Hopelessly Bu... @ Bella Musica
Jun 5 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Spend one week learning violin basics so you can get going on your own!  Proper instrument/bow set-up and postural awareness.  Learn basic finger patterns and rhythms that will get you enjoying violin repertoire quickly.
9:00 am Youth String Camp @ Bella Musica
Youth String Camp @ Bella Musica
Jun 6 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Designed for students ages 8 – 12.  Students should be able to play notes on all 4 strings and read whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes and their corresponding rests.  Daily nut-free snack and water bottle should be brought from home.  There will be a performance at the end of this fun week of music[...]

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