Joe Edwards

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Joe Edwards, Teacher

Joe Edwards, Teacher
Joe Edwards, TeacherBass Guitar, Upright Bass, & Low Brass Insructor
  • Bass Guitar, all skill levels
  • Upright Bass, all skill levels
  • Trombone, all skill levels
  • Tuba, all skill levels

Joe Edwards has been an active musician, playing some sort of instrument since 1964. He’s been a studio musician, playing bass, in Nashville and first chair second trumpet in the Nashville Symphony. Joe attended Belmont College in Nashville, TN, but moved to Dayton and began teaching in the area in 1980.  He teaches all styles and genres from blue grass to classical.  When Joe isn’t teaching, he’s playing on the road or in the studio.

Joe is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

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