Is Your Child Ready for Piano?

//Is Your Child Ready for Piano?

Found an old piano brochure in the bench of my piano from the 1960’s.  Had these interesting words to say about piano lessons that still hold true today!

For all these reasons, wise parents throughout history have used the piano to add an important dimension to their children’s lives – the dimension of accomplishment.

Is your son or daughter ready for the new world of accomplishment a piano offers?  Observe carefully, because for each child there is one best time, and this usually measured in months, not years.” 

So what are the signs your child might be ready?

  • Your child can focus on a book or task for 10 – 15 minutes
  • Your child accepts guidance or instruction
  • You child can recognize most (if not all letters) and be able to count to 10
  • Your child has shown interest in playing a piano or keyboard on their own
  • You are committed to setting aside time and energy (not only to get them to lessons, but also to help them practice at home)

Ready for piano lessons?  Take advantage of our Try-it-for-Two lesson option and give it a try.  Contact us today!


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Sarah Bucher, founder and owner of Bella Musica, holds a Master's degree in vocal performance from Wright State University and a Bachelor's degree in music and business-management from Wittenberg University. She enjoys teaching beginners and advancing artists alike. Sarah also enjoys performing in and around the Dayton area. When not teaching or a performing, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and new-born daughter.

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