Group Music Classes Offered by Bella Musica

Beginning Guitar Classes

Learn to play guitar in a fun setting by taking one of our group music classes!  Classes are small enough for individual teaching opportunities, while the group setting encourages interactive learning styles.  This group class is a 6-week session and is taught by Lee Ann Kinner.  Click here for more about Group Guitar Classes.

College Prep Music History & Theory Classes

These classes are designed for high school juniors and seniors who are considering studying music in college or any music enthusiast wanting to learn more about where music comes from, how it has evolved, and how to improve music reading skills.  This group class is a 10-week session and is taught by Sarah Bucher and Freda McKinney.

Drum Major Day Camp (summer only)

This course is designed for current high school drum majors for the upcoming season, students interested in becoming drum majors in the future, students that may or may not attend a conducting camp already (FJM or Summer Symposium), and for anyone who is interested in honing their conducting and leadership skills.  Topics will include basic conducting, mixed meter conducting, salutes, score study, leadership characteristics, and teacher YOUR band.  The week will culminate in a master class where students will prepare part of a program and perform to a recording for the rest of the group.  This camp is only offered for one week during the summer and is taught by Miranda Watt.  Click here for more about Drum Major Day Camp.

Flute Choir

This ensemble is an opportunity for flute students to learn ensemble skills, to recognize the value of each independent part within the group, and to build camaraderie and team work within the flute studio.  This ensemble is a 12-week session and is directed by Sarah Robertson.  Click here for more about Flute Choir.

Music for Young Children (MYC)

MYC is a curriculum designed to be experienced in small groups and is the only child-centered music learning system that integrates, keyboard, creative movement, rhythm, ear training, sight reading, music theory, and composition.  MYC classes are taught by Freda McKinney.  Click here for more about MYC.

Piano Playing for Church Musicians

Piano playing for church musicians is a course designed for current church piano players and aspiring church piano players.  This class will help you learn to accompany a service including work with chords, transitions, reading lead sheets, music theory, and ideas about offertory and communion repertoire.  Students in this class should have basic music reading skills and be able to play simple hymns.  This class is a 10-week session and is taught by Jon Misere.  Click here for more information about Piano Playing for Church Musicians.

Ukulele for Kids

This class is offered for kids ages 6 to 10.  Ukulele is a fun instrument to learn and can be a great start for kids interested in further guitar study.  This class is a 6-week session and is taught on Saturday mornings by Lee Ann Kinner.  Click here for more about Ukulele for Kids.