4 Chords = 100 Songs

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4 Chords = 100 Songs

What to Expect

This course will teach piano students the basics of reading a lead sheet, accompanying a melody, and some improvisational skills.

This 6 – week class meets during the following dates:

Session 1: January 23 – February 27

Class meets 7:00 – 7:45 PM on Monday evenings.

Registration deadline is January 16.

Session 2: April 17 – May 22

Class meets 7:00 – 7:45 PM Monday evenings.

Registration deadline is April 10.

Students in this class will learn:

  • to read a lead sheet
  • chord positions
  • common rhythmic patterns
  • improvisation skills, tricks, & tips
4 Chords = 100 Songs

Is 4 Chords = 100 Songs right for you?

This course is for piano lovers who want to read a lead sheet; pick out a melody and the chords that go with it; improve improvisational skills; impress their friends; and have fun!  This class is primarily for the older piano student who already knows where notes are on the piano and some basic positions and fingerings.  Perfect for the amateur church musician and/or band members!
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4 Chords = 100 Songs Instructor


<b>Dee Paul</b>, Teacher
Dee Paul, TeacherPiano Instructor
A church musician at heart, Dee’s teaching style focuses more on accompaniment and forming chords and less on traditional note reading. Her lessons include chord formations, movement, and progressions. She enjoys sharing different playing styles (jazz, contemporary, and Southern Gospel) with her students. She teaches improvisation and tricks for transposition, along with several other fun ways to make riffs and runs. She specializes in teaching aspiring church musicians and singers who want to be able to accompany themselves.


$95book included


  • Students should obtain their own instrument for practice.  A keyboard will be provided during the class.  (Ask us about renting practice space!)
  • All other materials are included with the price of the class.