Rock ‘n Roll Academy

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Rock ‘n Roll Academy

What to Expect

Rock ‘n Roll Academy is for students who want to learn the basics of being in a rock band.  Students will learn about making a good arrangement and playing together as a group.  Through this course students will improve all performance skills, including: listening, singing, timing, taking direction, and ego management.  Students will give a concert at the end of the session to show off their newly acquired skills!

This six-week course meets during the following dates:

  • October 9 – November 6

Classes will meet from 6:00 to 6:45 PM on Friday evenings.

Topics in this class will include:

  • Playing as a group and the role of each member
  • Reading a lead sheet
  • Some basic improvisation skills
  • Improved listening, singing, and timing skills
  • Taking direction
  • Ego Management
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Is Rock 'n Roll Academy Right for You?

For students ages 13 – 18, this group will learn all there is to know about being in a rock band.  Prior knowledge of their instrument and an audition is required for acceptance into this group.

Rock ‘n Roll Academy Instructor


<b>Joe Edwards</b>, Teacher
Joe Edwards, TeacherBass Guitar, Upright Bass & Brass Instructor
Mr. Edwards is an active performing musician who has been teaching upright bass, bass guitar, and all brass instruments for over 40 years. He has been both a studio and an orchestral musician in addition to his teaching experience.

6 weeks