Songwriter Workshop

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Songwriter Workshop

What to Expect

Songwriter Workshop is for anyone who currently writes songs or has ever wanted to start.  Class participants will learn the process of writing songs from beginning to end.  Topics will include: how to start – finding inspiration; what to write about; defeating writer’s block; improving lyrics; song layout; and more!

For the summer, this class will meet for 4 weeks during the following dates

June 3 – 24

Class will meet from 2:30 – 3:15 PM on Saturday afternoons.

Registration deadline is May 29.

Topics will include

  • General songwriting process
  • How to start – finding inspiration
  • What to write about & how to decide
  • Defeating writer’s block
  • Improving Lyrics
  • Song layout & smooth transitions

Is Songwriter Workshop right for you?

Do you want to write a song, but need help getting started?  Did you start writing a song, but got stuck and need some help getting past your “writer’s block?”  Do you need some new inspiration and new ideas for your songs?  Then this concentrated seminar-style class is right for you!

Songwriter Workshop Instructor


<b>Garry Ball</b>, Teacher
Garry Ball, TeacherGuitar Instructor
Garry Ball has been teaching guitar for over 30 years to kids and adults alike. He is also a singer, songwriter, and performer.

4 weeks

$65up front