Ukulele for Kids

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Ukulele For Kids

What to Expect

Students will get a great foundation in technique and music reading (including notes, chords & rhythms) and be able to play simple three to four chord songs in just a few short weeks! This will help them make a smooth transition to further guitar and/or ukulele study if they choose.

For the summer this class will meet for 8 weeks during the following dates:

June 10 – July 29

Classes will meet from 10:15 to 11:00 AM on Saturday mornings.

Registration deadline is June 3.

Ukulele for Kids will include teaching on:

  • How to hold your ukulele
  • Tuning your ukulele
  • Strumming the strings
  • Basic chords
Ukulele for Kids

Is Ukulele For Kids Right for Your Child(ren)?

Ukulele for Kids is ideal for kids ages 6-10. Whether they want to play guitar eventually or just want to have fun learning how to play the ukulele, the class is a great place to start for younger potential musicians!
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Ukulele for Kids Instructor

<b>Garry Ball</b>, Teacher
Garry Ball, TeacherGuitar Insturctor
Garry Ball has been teaching guitar for over 30 years to kids and adults alike. He is also a singer, songwriter, and performer.


8 weeks


Ukulele for Kids Supplies

  • Students are required to obtain their own instrument. (We have them for sale in our shop for approximately $35.)
  • Alfred’s Kid’s Ukulele book (also available for purchase in our store)