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In-Home Lessons

Are in-home lessons right for you?

There are several reasons why in-home lessons may be a better option for some students. Don't let these things stand in the way of your music education!
  • Transportation Difficulties – if the parent, guardian, or student themselves have trouble getting to our studio location, in-home lessons may be the best way for them to get consistent, one-on-one instruction

  • Learning Preference – Without the distractions of a new and different place, some students may thrive in their own home environment.

  • Disability – Sometimes physical or mental disability may make it more difficult for students to travel to the studio location for lessons.

  • Schedule – A hectic schedule full of activities, may cause in-home lessons to be the most efficient option for busy students and their families.

We have several teachers on staff representing all of the different instrument families willing to come to your home for lessons. Just ask!

There is a slightly higher price per lesson for this service.  Please see our pricing page for details.