Organ Lessons

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Organ Lessons

What to Expect

Beginners taking organ lessons will learn the fundamentals of organ playing and music reading. Advanced students will fine-tune the basics and learn other skills necessary for older players.

Organ Lessons are given at Parkview United Methodist Church located at 3713 Benner Road in Miamisburg, OH 45432.

Organ lessons will include:

  • Note reading both treble and bass clef; reading and playing chords
  • Rhythm – note values, time signature, rest values
  • Hand Positions & Fingering – and how it differs from the piano
  • Music Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Transposing & Improvising
  • Proper Organ Technique & Registration of Sounds
  • Balancing Stops
  • Pedal Techniques

Please contact us for specific scheduling needs.

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Are Organ Lessons Right for You?

There are several techniques to organ playing that differ from piano or standard keyboard playing. Lessons will help any aspiring church organist to fine-tune these skills.
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Organ Instructors

<b>Linda Kessler</b>, Master Teacher
<b>Linda Kessler</b>, Master TeacherPiano & Organ Instructor
Linda Kessler graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and Organ from Heidelberg University and did graduate work at the University of Dayton.

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