Saxophone Lessons

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Saxophone Lessons

What to Expect

Saxophone lessons are customized to fit the individual needs of our students. Our expert instructors will teach you the fundamentals using a variety of different methods. We are happy to offer lessons on alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone.

Saxophone Lessons will include teaching on:

  • Reading music (notes, rhythms, musical terms, etc.)
  • Technique for a consistent sound
  • Posture, properly holding the instrument, fingering techniques
  • Basics on caring for the instrument and reeds
  • Fundamentals in breathing and embouchure
Our saxophone teacher is available Wednesdays and Thursdays.
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Are Saxophone Lessons Right for You?

Saxophone lessons are recommended for students ages 10 and up are a great way to build confidence on your instrument. Students younger than 10 should contact the studio for an individual assessment or consider one of our Music for Young Children classes.
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Saxophone Instructors

Saxophone Lesson Supplies

Dan Duncan, Master Teacher
Dan Duncan, Master TeacherWoodwinds Instructor
Dr. Dan Duncan has been teaching woodwind instruments for over 40 years and holds music education degrees from Indiana State University, Wichita State University, and Northwestern University.
  • Lesson Books
  • Supplemental Music
  • Contest Music
  • Students are required to obtain their own instrument