What is a Master Class?

//What is a Master Class?

What is a Master Class?

A Master Class is another way for students to learn and develop skills in their instrumental area.  The difference between a master class and a private lesson, is that a group of students (and sometimes other observers) watch as the “master” (or teacher) works with one of their colleagues.  It’s an opportunity to perform in front of peers in a safe environment and work with another teacher in the field, different from their normal teacher.  The master class usually looks something like this: 1) the student performs one piece, 2) after the performance the “master” (teacher) will work with them on certain elements of the song right there in front of the group, 3) the student will perform sections of the piece again to try and incorporate the new techniques, 4) other students observe this process and will, hopefully, apply what they’ve heard and seen to their own performances.

Benefits of a master class:

1. Performance opportunity – every time we perform we lean things about ourselves and how we manage nerves and pressure situations.

2. Learn from others – students can observe how other students apply concepts and handle different technical challenges, that they can then apply to their own studies.

3. Learn from a professional – students have the opportunity to learn from another professional in the field (different from their current teacher).  This will allow students to hear fundamental concepts explained in different ways.

4. Release inhibitions – these classes allow students a safe place to try new things and release inhibitions they may have about themselves vocally or otherwise.

If you ever have the opportunity to participate in or observe a master class in your instrumental area – do it!  You will definitely learn something and probably hear some pretty great performances.  Check out master classes offered by Bella Musica!



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