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Music for toddlers?  Can toddlers learn music?  Can a 2-year-old learn to play the violin?  If you had asked me this a few years ago, I may have said no or only in special circumstances.  But, the talented teachers at Bella Musica have educated me in early childhood music education.  Toddlers are more than capable of learning fundamental music concepts such as rhythmic patterns, critical listening skills, and basic note and music symbol identification.  Through the use of puppets and creative curriculum, our Music for Young Children program is a key-board based, multi-sensory approach to learning music, perfect for group settings.  In group classes, kids can learn music concepts and put them to use in an ensemble setting with other students their age.  This curriculum can also be used in individual lessons.

We also have very talented teachers in other instrumental areas who are capable and willing to adapt curriculum as needed to accommodate a child’s varying skill levels and learning styles.  If you have a young child who has shown interest in music, give us a call and we can help fit them with a teacher who can guide them in the right direction.

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Sarah Bucher, founder and owner of Bella Musica, holds a Master's degree in vocal performance from Wright State University and a Bachelor's degree in music and business-management from Wittenberg University. She enjoys teaching beginners and advancing artists alike. Sarah also enjoys performing in and around the Dayton area. When not teaching or a performing, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and new-born daughter.

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