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If you have been in the studio this week, you’ve seen some changes to our retail space/lobby.  We are moving some things around and acquiring new fixtures to accommodate additions to our stock of instrument accessories and to display instruments.  Initially, I was reluctant to venture down the road of instrument rental and sales, as I didn’t want to stray too far from my mission.  My motivation in starting Bella Musica, was to provide quality music education to students in my community.  Our mission statement reflects that, “…our mission is to meet the musical needs  of the greater-Dayton area by providing quality instruction in a comfortable environment that will cultivate the student’s life-long interest in music.”  The mission doesn’t say anything about instrument sales.  But, then I realized that it all goes together!  If we can make it convenient for students and their families to get a quality music education and provide a way to obtain the tools (instruments, books, accessories, etc.) needed to do so – in other words, a one-stop shop – this change and expansion of our vision, actually helps to further our mission.

We appreciate your patience as we move things around in the space.  And, if you are accustomed to waiting for your student while they are in lessons, we still have some seating in our retail space, but there is also an additional lobby near the restrooms.  We will slowly but surely “spruce” up this space so it still feels like a part of the studio and will be true to the “comfortable environment” part of the mission.  We are excited about the changes and appreciate your support as we strive to meet your musical needs.

If you haven’t been in for awhile, come check us out!


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Sarah Bucher, founder and owner of Bella Musica, holds a Master's degree in vocal performance from Wright State University and a Bachelor's degree in music and business-management from Wittenberg University. She enjoys teaching beginners and advancing artists alike. Sarah also enjoys performing in and around the Dayton area. When not teaching or a performing, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and new-born daughter.

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