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If you are a musician, no matter what your age or skill level, your musical studies should not stop throughout the summer months!  Many musicians have likely faced temporary apathy at some point in their life.  But with a little discipline, any musician, experienced or not, can strengthen their musical backbone and conquer summer aimlessness.

To take a break from your lessons, or to give up practicing entirely, is a step backwards in your musical life.  Of course, it is quite natural for anyone to want to kick back and relax during the hot summer months.  In fact, most people are in real need of rest and recreation as a welcomed break from the grueling demands of school or work.  So, why should music and practicing fit into this new summer schedule?

Consider the benefits of practicing every day: you grow in your ability, you gain more technical knowledge through your own experiences of playing (or singing) and performing, and you are ultimately satisfied with and proud of your accomplishments (as will be, undoubtedly, your teacher)!

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Now think about the results of letting approximately 3 months go by with little to no practice time: you will make no progress!  In fact, you will probably lose ground as you slowly forget what you have learned during the previous semester.  If you have ever experienced a week during which you did not practice and were consequently unprepared for your next lesson, you know how unproductive and disappointing that next lesson can be.  So imagine how much more damage can be done to your playing or singing through 3 months of disuse!  If you are not continuing your lessons throughout the summer, then it becomes the perfect opportunity for you to test your own musical mettle and be your own taskmaster.  Develop a plan for dedicated practicing and stick with it, knowing that your work will pay off eventually.

Why not use the summer months as a time of evaluation and rejuvenation as you remember why you do any of it at all – because deep inside, you truly love music!

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