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How Long Did That Really Take?

Tuesday night:

6:32PM. Text message sent to guitar teacher Garry Ball: “Sarah wants a uke/guitar video for Facebook tomorrow. Still working out ideas – no pressure, obviously, but if you can come up with anything let me know”

6:33PM. Text message received from Garry: “Sounds good! OK!!”

Wednesday afternoon:

approximately 2:45PM. Garry arrives at Bella Musica. None of us have any idea of what song we will do.

approximately 3:30-4:30PM. Garry teaches guitar and ukulele lessons. Research and discussion is done about what song to do.

approximately 4:40PM. Frozen, with groans, is decided. We start working out chords to Let It Go only to remember that dreaded truth that so many parents don’t know when they buy Disney books for their elementary students to learn on piano: Disney music is HARD.

approximately 4:45PM. The brass instructor, Jon, suggests the Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What A Beautiful World medley that everyone thinks of when they think of ukulele.

approximately 4:46PM. “That’s so many chords.”

approximately 4:47PM. Back to the drawing board.

sometime before 6:00PM. “T-Swift.”

6:00-6:30PM. Rehearsals begin. Chords are pretty easy, words are mostly known. Strumming patterns prove difficult. Singing while playing proves difficult. Not laughing throughout the whole thing proves extremely difficult.

6:30PM. Garry teaches a guitar lesson, rehearsals continue with store staff. Strumming and singing and not laughing still a challenge.

7:14PM. Take one. Vocals all in the same octave because only one of us is a singer, and I’ll give you a hint: it’s not me, the only girl singing a T-Swift song.

7:20PM. Boss reviews take one.

7:29PM. Take two. Vocals split into two octaves because Taylor Swift. At least one, possibly two, of us misses the last chord and it is deemed by Garry as, “not sassy enough.” We also need to shorten the video length because attention spans on the Internet (and we’re not cats, we get it.)

7:49PM. Take three. Last chord is correct. Video is shorter. Not sure about sass factor – what do you think?

Can My Kid Do That?

From “hey we should do this” to completion, it took just over 24 hours… your kids will get SIX WEEKS! Just imagine the possibilities!

Want your kids to have this much fun?

Ukulele for Kids

Saturdays at 10AM, starting July 11th!
Want your kids to have this much fun?
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