Voice Lessons

What to Expect

Voice lessons are customized to fit the student’s individual needs.  Rooted in classical, bel canto technique, fundamentals will be taught using a variety of different methods. 

Voice Lessons will include teaching on:

  • Posture & body alignment
  • Breathing — supporting the sound
  • Finding your range
  • Vocal Exercises — (including Solfege syllables)
  • Matching Pitch
  • Placement of Sound – to find your optimal singing voice
  • Variety of repertoire & musical genres
  • Note recognition and key signatures
  • Performance Etiquette
  • Sight Singing
  • Part Singing (where applicable)
  • Voice Lessons are offered weekly in 30, 45, and 60 minute time slots.
  • Weekly lessons are recommended & encouraged for optimal progress.  However, bi-monthly lessons may be accommodated upon request.
  • Need me to come to you?  In-home lessons may be available, schedule permitting.
Voice Lessons

Are Voice Lessons Right for You?

Voice lessons, recommended for students age 14 and older (yes, adults too!), are a great way to build confidence in your instrument. Students younger than 14 should contact the studio for an individual assessment.

Pricing & Materials

Voice Lesson Pricing

30-minute lessons


45-minute lessons


60-minute lessons


Voice Lesson Supplies

  • Lesson Books
  • Supplemental Music
  • Contest Music
  • Recording Device

  • Practice Journal