Consistency is Key!

Over the summer break, I took regular, weekly voice lessons.  While it is hard for me to fit these in during the school year, the consistency this summer taught me how necessary this is to my instrument, to my performance, and to my teaching.  And not just the lessons themselves, but the regularity of their occurrence was huge for me.  I reflected on the reasons this summer felt so productive compared to other periods of lessons, and I thought some of them were worth sharing.  Hopefully you will agree with the value of consistency, as we get ready to start back up again (or for the first time) in just under 3 weeks from now.

Consistent Lessons

  • Immediate Implementation – Knowing that I only had 7 days in between each visit with my teacher, I started working on the concepts from my lessons right away. The first day after lessons I listened back and transcribed my lesson and then the second day started working the techniques.  This guaranteed that I didn’t put off my independent practice until it was too late and another week had flown by.
  • Productive Independent Practice – I chose just one or two main concepts from my lesson that I wanted to work on throughout the week. It was unrealistic to think I could conquer them all at once since I only had a week in between.  It was a quantity and quality approach.  Good quality concentration on one or two things for a short amount of time each week all added together to make for a lot of concepts mastered and/or progressed by the end of the summer. 
  • Cutting myself some slack – Seeing my teacher more frequently allowed me to give myself some grace for not “having it altogether” for each lesson. I was a work in progress all summer, not a finished product.  This freedom to be rough around the edges, make mistakes, and explore cultivated a mindset for real growth.

Consistency allows assignments and goals to be broken into smaller segments, making them really attainable.  Small victories each week, motivate me to keep working toward the big picture.  Consistent, focused practice is arguably more effective than inconsistent, longer practice sessions.  Consistency really is key and something we will be focusing on this year in lessons.  Looking forward to all the small victories that we will accomplish in 2019-2020!