Studio Reflection and Progress Report

As many of you know, I used to own and operate a multi-teacher studio and music store.  I sold that business in the summer of 2017, just before my twins were born.  I knew that I couldn’t run the business as effectively as I’d like to and devote the time I needed to my family.  I am happy to report that the twins are thriving 2 ½ year olds and, along with their almost-5-year-old sister, make life interesting.  All. The. Time.

What I’ve learned since starting back to teaching music…

  • I can’t stay away from teaching (started up again when the twins were 4 months old)!
  • I love the personal connection and more detailed attention I have been able to establish with each one of my students since I don’t have the added pressure and responsibilities of the larger studio.
  • I can allow my students more freedom in recitals – playing more than one piece; flexibility in style, genre, etc.
  • I can be more hands on with master classes and group learning opportunities for my students

I feel much more personally involved in each one of my students development as a musician and more in tune to their milestones accomplished. 

Student Growth

Some general growth I’ve seen in students over the last 24 – 30 months include:

  • Fluency in the “language of music” – correct execution of note reading, articulation, dynamics, tempi, etc.
  • Musicianship – aural skills improved for singers and sight reading with nuances has improved for pianists
  • Increased Confidence – overall confidence in themselves and their ability to effectively communicate through their instrument
  • Taking themselves seriously as a musician and student – raising the bar on expectations for weekly practice time and skill levels have seen students rising to the occasion and meeting and surpassing my expectations

Overall, there has been consistent, steady growth by each student.  Students have pushed themselves (or allowed me to gently nudge them) to do things they never considered, including performing in front of others, trying new and different repertoire, entering contests, etc.  It’s been a rewarding couple of years, and I’m looking forward to many, many more.