Tutoring – Music Theory & History

What to Expect

Students needing help with these areas will work through their assignments from their high school or college course with guidance.  Additional work may be assigned to facilitate practical application and/or reinforce concepts for mastery level understanding.

Music Tutoring will be extremely catered to what the student needs the most help with, buy may include:


  • Note recognition on the basic staff – both bass and treble clefs; key signatures
  • Rhythms – note values, rest values, time signatures
  • Counterpoint, figured bass, and part-writing
  • Aural Skills
  • Musical terms & definitions
  • Scales & chord progressions


  • Major musical eras from Medieval thru 20th Century
  • Over-view of major contributors and musical innovations in each era
  • Tutoring sessions are offered weekly in 30, 45, and 60 minute time slots.
  • Weekly sessions are recommended & encouraged for optimal progress.  However, bi-monthly sessions may be accommodated upon request.
  • Need me to come to you?  In-home sessions may be available, schedule permitting.

Is Music Theory & History Tutoring Right for You?

Tutoring for Music Theory & History is for students that need a little extra help with these subjects. Students may be taking these courses as electives in high school or college or may be first year music students at the university level that need some extra help getting started.

Pricing & Materials

Music Tutoring Pricing

30-minute lessons


45-minute lessons


60-minute lessons


Music Tutoring Supplies

  • School Assignments (books & materials used in their high school or college course)

  • Supplemental Assignments

  • Pencils (not pens!); staff paper; notebook