Vocal Coaching

What to Expect

Vocal Coaching is for more advanced singers who may not need regular lessons, but more or less a vocal check up.  Singers who already perform regularly and/or have had several years of voice lessons already, can come in for some extra coaching and fine-tuning.

Vocal Coaching sessions are extremely tailored to what the student needs, but may include:

  • Fundamental assessment – identify & fix any fundamental things that may be out of whack – correcting any bad habits that may be sneaking in to areas such as breath, placement, posture, etc.
  • Languages
  • Interpretation & performance ideas
  • Audition & Performance Prep
  • Professional Feedback – Perfect for singer-songwriters, this is a safe place to try your new song before the public hears it and get constructive feedback to make that debut performance wow the audience.
  • Vocal Coaching is offered for 60 minute sessions only (at this level, students have more complex needs that require more time)
  • Coaching sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis
  • Need me to come to you?  In-home sessions may be available, schedule permitting.

Is Vocal Coaching Right for You?

Vocal Coaching, recommended for students age 18 and older, is for advancing artists looking to fine-tune their instrument and/or needing short-term help preparing for a specific audition or performance.

Pricing & Materials

Vocal Coaching Pricing

60-minute session


Voice Lesson Supplies

  • Recording Device

  • Music to work on (sheet music, chord charts, recordings where applicable)

  • Instrument – If you accompany yourself on guitar, ukulele or other hand-held instrument, bring it with you!