Master Classes

What to Expect

Master Classes give students who are studying the same instrument an opportunity to not only perform for each other in a safe environment, but to also have a “mini” lesson in front of the group with a different instructor.  Students can learn from watching their peers apply concepts and handle different technical challenges.

The Master Class usually looks something like this:

  1. The student performs one piece.
  2. After the performance the “master” (teacher) will work with them on certain elements of the song in front of the group.
  3. The student will perform sections of the piece again to try and incorporate the new techniques.
  4. Other students observe the process and will, hopefully, apply what they have heard and seen to their own performances.

This process is repeated with different participants.

  1. This is not a recital performance, so formal attire is not required. It is strongly recommended.
  2. Song must be memorized.
  3. Music must be prepped for the accompanist.
  4. Students must be willing to try and learn new things.

Can I Watch a Master Class?

Family and friends are not permitted in the master class. This is not a recital performance, but a learning tool. Students are generally less inhibited when parents are not watching.

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